Rumble Detector 
Burger King ⎸ Student Work
AwarD: Bronze Award, 50th Creativity International Awards 
AwarD: Gold Award, Graphis New Talent Annual 2021 
AwarD: Shortlist, New York Festivals Ad Awards 2021 
AwarD: Featured in Ads of the World
Challenge: Come up with ideas that use digital coupons to delight and surprise Burger King guests.
Big Idea: Customize coupons based on people's level of hunger.​​​​​​​
Case Study
We know that stomach rumbles can be a bit...embarrassing.
So we're giving you a reason to be thankful for your rumbles: the rumble detector.
An in-app promotion that measures the loudness of your rumbles.
The louder you rumble the better coupons you get.
And if your rumble falls within the top 1,000 on our leader board, you could win free Burger King for a year.
So download the Burger King App, hold your phone to your belly and let your stomach roar.
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