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Tinder ⎸ Student Work
AwarD: 2nd Place, AFF  National Student Advertising Competition, District 2
Insight: 18-19 year olds fear the expectations and pressures that come with archaic dating labels 
Big Idea: Tinder isn't just a world of dating, but a world of connections where anything is possible.
First, we'll make news with a simple, provocative
message: "Tinder is not just a dating app anymore."
Brand Manifesto
Short video outlining Tinder's new strategy/brand identity.  
:30s TV/OLV 
Spotify Display
Instagram Revamp
We'll start off by deleting Tinder's Insta posts, replacing them with all the connections that you can make on Tinder. 
Each post would spotlight up-and coming Gen-Z creators, thus connecting our audience to creators who love what they love. 
Each of these creators would also receive Tinder merch related to their passions. Thus fueling earned media and brand affinity. 
Then, we'll prove Tinder's more than just a dating app. By 
showing it can connect you with people who share even your
most niche interests. 
TikTok Ad
These ads will target TikTok's countless niche communities, such as DIY cookers
TwitchCon Takeover 
We'll takeover the biggest gaming event of the year, both outside...
And inside, with posters that reference popular games such as Minecraft, GTA and Twitch Rivals  
Fortnite: Tinder Trials
We'll also appeal to the gaming community by creating the Tinder Trials: a series of in-game challenges in Fortnite. 
The trials will require two strangers to work together to complete tasks related to our campaign messaging.  
Once players complete the Tinder Trials, they will win customized Tinder skins and other in-game items. 
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